• How Electronic Weighing Scales Can Help You Lose Weight

    It used to be when you were watching your figure and stepped on the scale in the bathroom you could find out if you had lost or gained any weight. Now with electronic weighing scales, or digital scales, so much more can be discovered to help you on your journey to better health: Electronic Weighing Scales for Your Body Besides your weight, electronic weighing scales can also tell you your BMI or body mass index.
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  • How Your Firm Can Reduce the Need to Calibrate Weighing Equipment

    Weighing equipment needs to be calibrated (correlate its readings with those of a standard weighing tool) frequently in order to ensure that it is giving accurate measurements. This calibration is costly, especially if it is done by an external entity. Companies take several measures to reduce how frequently they have to calibrate their weighing equipment. This article discusses some of those measures. Keep the Weights Clean Companies that provide calibration services advise that weights should be kept meticulously clean.
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